Thursday, April 8, 2010


I took this picture when i went to AQWA (similar to Aquaria, if u will). Interesting facts about crocs is that they have some sort of UV absorber similar to solar panel. Now i know!

"Wannabes are always the same" (Masrep, 2010). That is such an inspiring quotes that i could get from a good friend of mine. Anyway, yesterday i found something interesting regarding wannabes. The term is used for somebody who want to be look alike of something/somebody but failed to achieved what he/she might have wanted to do.

This is the kind of person who put their effort in being someone else but failed to notice their capabilities of going somewhere without the needs to copy others. It is amazing that i could experience a real life evidence pertaining to this matter. Still, with regard to previous post, i saw someone who think global but acts local.

Work at American coffee shop, eat Polish-American ice cream, used American technology phone, used British technology cars but still have the mind set of local. Some ethnics are cool, and some are not.

In a global way of life, everyone has equal opportunities. Opportunity to mingle around with everyone else like others irregardless of nationality, skin color, religion, and most important of all wealth. The thing that makes life meaningful is the ability to adapt to environment. We can share our thoughts and opinions without hesitation. That is life. Input and output are balanced in many ways.

But heck, some people enjoys to be in a puddle, if u will, and don't have the guts or intention to explore the world beyond the puddle. By mentioning explore, i most definitely suggesting the meaning of the word is not limited to some extent. It is more to exploring every single thing that the beyond-world could offer. Politics, culture, economics, and social context that forms the various part of the world.

I felt lucky because I realize this kind of thing early. I don't want to sit just in my puddle. I want to go to other puddle, learn what they do, how they do it. And perhaps I could go to various puddle, river, and eventually to the sea where i can apply all my knowledge to survive and to give back.

(April 9, 2010)