Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thunder!! Thunder!! Thunderstorms

Thunder thunder thundercats. That remind me of thundercat cartoons back in the days. Anyway, few days ago we were hit by major thunderstorm. But i reckon (yes, i'm using aussie colloquium), back in malaysia is much more heavier than this one. Even 3 hours of heavy rains can make us in chaos. Floods, landslides and what not. Even every year we experienced major thunderstorm such as monsoon season.

This publication will mainly discussed about the Reality of Global World.

Today i encountered with quite a motivating event. From an empirical evidence, i can see that people who uses internet as a means to communicate in Malaysia still having problem understanding the internet itself. As we speak, i still could not find the ideas that impede people from understanding the core values internet could offer. Not only obtaining information (eventhough it's not efficeient enough), but creativity of oneself to optimize the use.

Supposed that internet is a global world (in which, it is) that we can reach others be it either you are familiar with the person or not. The beauty of internet-based social media is we can reach other potential counterparts that we can have relationship with. The idea is simple. More friends you have, more diverse you are, more inputs you can obtain and more ideas you can get.

We are in an era of unlimited connectivity. In the past, in order for people to experienced other culture or other ideas is by entering the nation itself. But nowadays, with the connotation of Internet as medium of diversifying cultural, political and economical understanding, people still have a very narrow minded ideas.

When people were assumed as narrow minded, they'll get very angry. But the fact is, yes, you are narrow minded in the global world. They tend to stay in their comfort zone without knowing that there is other part of the world that could provide diversified ideas. We said that we're global, but where the heck is the globalization ideas that we want to implement in ourself? That is the very first question we need to ask ourself.

We wear international designer's clothes such as Guess, Burberry and what not. We adapted international creditor system such as Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. We use international brand technology such as Apple, Dell, IBM and what not. We ate international cuisine such as burgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, mac n cheese and anything else. We have cross so many nations throughout our lives. But still our mind is secluded from the idea of globalization. We don't want to explore the world. We just stay with what we have. How hypocrite does that sounds?

Stay put, stay safe, play safe. These are the characteristic of people that will eventually fall into the group. We need to challenge ourself for new ideas, new things. Not just stay put and play safe. We strive for the best. We dignified ourself with challenges. We improve ourself with challenges.

Simple as it seems, more simple if you could implement the idea. Diversify, enhance and adapt. This is the world without ends. The world with so much fun if you explore it. Please, for the sake of improving yourself, explore the world like you won't make it the next day. When i said explore, u don't have literally catch a flight to go everywhere. Be creative.


(March 25, 2010)

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